So SO Prego

So, if you don’t know, I’m SO pregnant right now.

By so pregnant, I mean 38 weeks and one day…ish. Yep, the third trimester is in full swing, and I am definitely feeling it. Lucy is due (supposedly) on March 23rd, but I’m wondering if we’ll make it that long! 13 more days… I know, I know- probably I’m just being a baby (which is usually the case) and this is how every pregnant woman feels at this point in her pregnancy.

However, the busy squirminess of this baby girl in my belly has shifted from, “Oh! She’s moving! So precious!” to “Oh crap! She’s moving again! Please please don’t kick anything important in there…” or another variation, “Please don’t push with all your baby might against Mommy’s tummy!” ((Seriously, the outside part of my belly is sore from how much Lucy sticks what I think is her butt up and out as hard as she can.))

This pic is actually from Feb 19th, so technically I was 8 months along here… DEFINITELY bigger now.

8 months

And the fatigue has also returned with a vengeance. Now, don’t get me wrong- I can’t complain in the least about my pregnancy; I’ve kinda loved it actually! And even when I’m massively uncomfortable because she’s lodged some little part of herself into one of my organs, I still kind of love it. Feeling how strong she is already amazes me.

I talked to one of my mentors about why I’ve been so tired, and her thoughts were that I probably need to a) drink more water and/or b) exercise. (Let me specify- by exercise she meant walking 20 minutes or so 3 times a week… nothing strenuous, people!) And I’m pretty sure she was right. I’m so blessed to work from home, so I can literally put my feet up all day if needed! (Or if it’s snowmageddon outside.) But I’ve noticed that the fatigue feels comparable to that of post-Thanksgiving meal food coma where you must take a nap or you’ll die kind of thing. Or- the wolf from Disney’s The Sword and the Stone an even better example of how I feel:

But I’m still trying to savor this time, because this is the only time I’ll have her this close to me as she is now. Is that weird? Well, regardless, that’s my goal. All part of my bigger goal to live joyful and enjoy the journey this year!

There is so much beauty in this time of our lives! Being with my husband is so wonderful, and even though we’re kind of 2.5 people right now (2.8?), I recognize this is probably the last 13 (or however many…) days of our life when we’ll be able to spend a Saturday on the couch watching a bazillion episodes of Chuck on Netflix. At least, until all our children are grown… (Probably a good thing, actually.)

But Lucy, we are SO ready for you to be here, little girl! (“Ready” being a term I use very loosely.)

We had another fabulous baby shower on Friday night, with some family and friends who were unable to come to the other one thrown by ladies from the church I grew up in. It was wonderful! Here is one picture of some lovely ladies and their lovely babies who came!! (I don’t have more pics yet… Other people were in charge of taking those.)

Beautiful Ladies, Beautiful Babies


It’s a bit blurry, but there you go. This is such a wonderful progression of pregnancy, by the way, with Jennifer on the right holding her beautiful, pixie of a 2-month old named Bianca, then Bailey on the far left, whose little 3-week old I’m holding- baby Ewan, then me- MegaPreg obviously- and lastly my friend, Megan to the left of me, whose baby girl is due in July! It’s just kind of awesome…

Anyway, we’ve been so blessed by all the generosity of our friends and family, as well as by the Lord and His providence! We are training ourselves to trust in Him as Lucy’s arrival draws closer and closer! I just can’t believe she’s had 3 baby showers… the child is already spoiled! And has quite a fab collection of shoes…


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