Our Weekend (aka that time I got excited about fall. Again.)

The parenthetical title could also read “aka that time I got excited about fall and took 8,000 pictures on my iPhone” But I thought that might be a little long…

You know how in that wonderful 1996 cinematic adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen, the ridiculous Mrs. Elton says, “…do you know who I just adore? Who I want to wrap up and put in my pocket???” Well, her answer is Jane Fairfax, but of course, my version of that question would not be “who” ((isn’t it supposed to be “whom?” I am 99% sure she says “who” but I’m thinking it ought to be “whom”… oh well)) but “what.” And the answer would, of course, be autumn. Sigh! That glorious season… which I have already waxed poetic about here((And by “waxed poetic” I mean, rambled on a lot about with an excessive use of all caps…)) 

BUT STILL. Can one really ramble too much about fall? If your answer is yes, then you should probably leave and never come back. ((Such people usually like summer best… Anyone can like summer. It’s the vanilla of the seasons. Well, that’s how I feel when fall comes back anyway…)) But autumn? Autumn is a whole feast. There’s enough chill to wear boots and scarves and drink hot, frothy beverages, enough sun to smile, enough rain to merit staying inside OR go out and be cozy elsewhere ((i.e. Starbucks, Barnes & Noble… Borders if it still existed)). It’s a feast for the eyes with all the color, and a feast for the soul too. Don’t you just feel like some mysterious and magical adventure is about to start when it’s autumn? It seems like every mysterious and magical story or movie I love begins in autumn, or at least it feels like it does. ((Movies that take place in England in summer don’t count, because half the time it DOES feel like autumn with all the rain and chilly weather they get.))

But just to prove it, here are some examples…

And that’s just a small sampling. At the very least, they make me feel like fall. And that’s just movies of course. Books don’t exactly have trailers, so… you know…

And we had a thoroughly and delightfully autumnal experience this weekend, when we went over to visit my parents. ((Same weekend of Ethan’s birthday party…))  Here, of course, I must be referring to the covered bridge festival at Bridgeton. Aaaaaaand cue excessive amounts of phone pictures…

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Yes. Lucy’s jacket is a bunny. Isn’t it freaking adorable?!?! It gives “chubby bunny” a whole new meaning… HA. Here you also may find my mom and dad and husband… and some glorious mums.

photo 13 photo 11 photo 9 photo 8 photo 7 photo 10 photo 14 photo 16

What are these things?

1. Super cute painted boards for measuring your children’s heights as they grow.

2. Beautiful, handmade/painted bench, which I am still pining away for, even though we have no room for such a thing in our apartment…

3. Pretty, colorful jars full of flavored honey sticks. A happy thing to look at, but I confess to having no desire to try them. My sugar consumption is extremely intentional at covered bridge festivals; honey sticks are just a waste of time compared to elephant ears, fudge, and giant, homemade-by-Amish-people pretzels.

4. Lucy shopping for purses… and by “shopping” I mean, “taste-testing.” She found none to her taste… and also she only carries big purses, like her momma.

5. “I moustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.” I mean, you’ve probably seen that before, but puns are so wonderful!

6. Our Nest pillow- oh, how I wanted it with all my heart!! HOWEVER, it was $40. Seriously?! For a pillow that was decidedly not handmade or anything like, and most likely imported from China. Who do they think they are- Pier 1?

7. Lucy. And her crazy eyes.

And also, my dad bought this…

Because he's a minister. HA. Get it?
Because he’s a minister. HA. Get it?

Obviously, I have inherited my love of cheesy humor genetically. Anyway, I love days full of beauty, like this one. Hopefully, you can glimpse some of it through my lacking and imperfect skills of photography. ((“Photography” being a term I use extremely loosely.)) 

Of course, the other lovely thing is that my mother is a master of decorating, and decorating creatively mostly with things she already has… So, I decided to snap a few quick pictures of their house before we left to go home…

photo 2 photo 3 photo 6 photo 1 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9

Isn’t it all just a jumble of loveliness??? That rooster/tray/twinkle lights conglomeration? That’s above the fridge. Has above the fridge ever looked more beautiful anywhere?! I think not. I included pictures of their baby grand; it has been a lifelong dream of my mother’s to own one, and almost ten years ago now they got to purchase one. It makes my heart as happy to play it as eating elephant ears… almost- dare I say- happier? That bench is actually a shortened pew from the church in which I grew up- where my parents both work to this day. They don’t sit on pews any more; this is from the old building, which is QUITE old… I mean, the church was founded in 1863, I think (or 1865?), but I’m not sure if the old, darling little building originates from that time… Regardless, isn’t that mini-pew so beautiful? And I suppose I could talk about the mantle, which is gorgeous, and decidedly pin-worthy… Maybe I’ll just pin it and be done with it. ((Someone remind me: what did we do before Pinterest???))

Here is maybe my fav picture from the whole day:

And here's my beautiful momma. You're lucky I only posted this one picture of her standing next to pumpkins...
My beautiful momma. You’re lucky I only posted this one picture of her standing next to pumpkins…

So. Autumn abounded this beautiful weekend, and I soaked it up like an elephant ear soaks up butter and cinnamon sugar. What Autumn Escapades are you enjoying? ((And does anyone know if there is a place to get elephant ears in Cincinnati???))

5 thoughts on “Our Weekend (aka that time I got excited about fall. Again.)

    1. Oh my goodness, I totally understand. 😀 That is the ONE thing that would sadden me deeply, if I ever lived in Florida! Other than that, the beautifulness of FL (and proximity to Harry Potter World) would almost make up for it. ALMOST.

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