As Sure As the Sun (The Only Sure Thing)

Sometimes, you just need to let truth swirl out of a colored pencil and speak for itself. I won’t wax too poetic (aka ramble and run-on as per usual) today, but I will say a few words. (And they are, ‘Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!’ But seriously…) Sure As the Sun FULL Ever get to the end of a couple weeks and realize you haven’t spent any time with God? I mean, aside from going to church and/or small group or something. Because that just happened to me recently. I’d been scheduled at work a lot more the last 2 weeks specifically, because the daycare was moving locations, and I frequently had to be there at 7:00 am. (It’s early, friends. SO EARLY.)  As a result, I ended up having like 30 seconds of quiet time. Total. And for me, that leaves me all depleted and shriveled up inside. It’s like a plant saying, “You know, Sun, I’m super busy the next couple weeks, so I’m just going to need a break from photosynthesizing for awhile…” And the sun’s like, “Yeah. Good luck with that.”

But in all seriousness, I tend to become the worst, most joyless version of myself possible when I stop intentionally seeking Him first. Add extra fatigue and hormones (and one epic fall down the stairs last week- the whole right side of my body is basically just a giant bruise) and then I’m really special to be around. So, when my long-awaited day off finally arrived, I definitely planned on some extra God time.

Well, apparently God saw what a hot mess I’d been, and decided I needed the whole day with Him (since by a series of events I will not bother you with, my computer was unavailable all day). This, of course, turned out to be a very good thing.

Part of it was spent listening to the amazing album As Sure As the Sun by Ellie Holcomb. Her lyrics speak honestly, her melodies ring true, her songs are unique. Here’s the title track:

This album really deserves its own post, outlining her articulate songwriting abilities, and how her own spiritual journey with God is so palpable and vulnerable (and so resonates with my own! and probably many people’s). Here’s one of my other favorite songs from the album:

Here’s another doodle from that day… Return to MeCertainly, neither doodle is perfect, but they weren’t intended to be. With each imperfect swirl and scribble, and time in the Word, I felt myself come back to life again. And they somehow remind me that He is the only sure thing. (If you’d like to see some other beautiful things, go check out the linky party at from Saturday night, which you can find here.)

And also this button from the Club Narwhal linky party:

Persia Lou

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3 thoughts on “As Sure As the Sun (The Only Sure Thing)

  1. Haylie- I love those “doodles,” AKA works of art. You have some impressive hand lettering skills, and I know that is not easy. I’m glad you got some spiritual renewal. It’s amazing what a difference it makes, right? My whole day is better when I read scriptures first thing. Thanks for sharing your experience, and yay for the House of Hipsters party!

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