Reclaiming Abundance: The Road Goes Ever On (But We Can Recap A Little)

So, here we are. The “end” of the Reclaiming Abundance project.

At the beginning, I said that my goal was to powerfully, intentionally reclaim our abundance, rediscover victory, rebuild our foundation. And that ambitious and lofty-sounding task would start with the Word- specifically, by implementing it our lives in simple tangible ways. And by ways, I mean doodles. (Mostly.)

So, here are all the doodled-verses and “Ebenezers” I created or used in this project!

1. Week 1: May You Have Good Eyes (Matthew 6:19-25, 33)

ra 8ra 4photo 6 photo 7

We started with having good eyes, and remembering things like when you’ve come to the end of your bank account, you haven’t come to the end of you.

2. Week 2: The Princess (Psalm 45:13-15)

pink frame 5All gloriouspink frame 2

In which I shared about my deepest desire for my own princess: that she would grow to be a true princess- daughter of the King, knowing in whom her identity lies. Just as innocent and loyal, but fierce and truthful as Queen Lucy the Valiant, for whom she is partially named. (I say partially because she’s also named “Lucy” because I had a dream about her 2 years prior to her birth… but another time.)

3. Week 3: Clive the Coffee Pot (Psalm 5:3)

Clive and VersePsalm 5 3

In which we learned that I need coffee to keep me alive, Word to keep me living, and that Clive, my coffee pot, is a kiss-up. Also, that it isn’t very productive to try having conversations with me prior to Jesus and coffee time.

4. Dig Down Deep (Luke 6:47-49, and Psalm 84 & 86)

coffee and chocolate


In which I was a hot mess. I had no doodle this week, only Francis Chan videos like this one, reminding me about God’s love, because I was starving for it (There was talk of ugly crying, if you’ll remember) and had to dig down deep, like the man in Luke 6.

5. Wear Love (Colossians 3:12-14, 16)

Wear Love

In which I discovered that when Want has the run of my life, I live in scarcity. When Love reigns, it frees, saves, redeems me. And I realized that Frozen had it right (sort of).

6. The Busy Badge (Colossians 3:15)

Peace of Christ

In which we learned that The Busy Badge usurps the throne of peace. It’s a strange idolatry that gives us a way to almost worship our lack and glorify our brokenness; it gives the victim in us a way to be simultaneously self-deprecating and self-exalting… which is just miserable. I’d much rather the peace of Christ rule.

7. May We Risk (1 John 3:17-18)


In which my wonderful mother-in-law came with Lucy and me to help us with an awesome If Then Move event! I wear this little cuff I got at the event all the time- it reminds me of my desire to risk being brave, vulnerable, love generously, and live abundantly.

8. Be Strong & Courageous (Joshua 1:9)

strong & courageous

In which I drew this verse for my nephew’s birthday present, and remembered that I want to be this way too.

9. My Beloved’s (Song of Solomon 6:3 and 2:4b)

photo 11

In which Lucy is the cutest stinkin flower girl ever in the history of flower girls… and also, we remember to wave this banner over our lives.

10-11. King’s Cottage & Yellow Pants

photo 5

photo 4

In which I dubbed our humble little 3rd floor apartment “King’s Cottage” and also describe my patience issues with hulu, hangers, and preschoolers. (Thus why I chose that verse.) Oh, and her pants had to be yellow because my favourite pants are yellow. (I am SO profound sometimes.)

12. Give Thanks

photo 4

photo 3

In which I made a pretty sign for fall/Thanksgiving, resulting in reflections on gratitude, how we so often miss out in our Black-Friday scrambles, and how gratitude opens our eyes from living lives of famine to feast and abundance.

13. Proverbs Mean Girl?

photo 6In which that Proverbs 31 girl turns out not to be a mean girl after all. She’s not impossibly perfect, she’s just at peace in the Lord. And therefore, she lives abundant. (And maybe she does eat bread after all.)

14. He Will Be Our Sanctuary

Scan Sanctuary

Arguably, my favourite!! (With a “u” as always.) In which we remember that we are saved sanctuaries in which God lives by His Spirit. And our hearts prepared Him room.

15, 16, & 17.

Words for 2015

In which we continued making room by starting The Daniel Plan in our home… which revealed that I’m not as cheerful about giving things up as I thought in week 15, related the astonishing quantity of quinoa and kale we had consumed in week 16, and shared with the utmost honesty my opinion of the Internet’s Top 3 Substitutes for Half & Half in Coffee in week 17 (and imparting my wisdom that soy milk is THE ONLY one that is acceptable. You’re welcome.)

18. So Love Can Fill

Love Will Fill Love Conquers All

In which I share the lofty and complex thought that gratitude is the coconut oil of all virtues and made up words like “gratitudinally,” and that, “Love is fierce. Love is unafraid to give itself. It isn’t concerned with ulterior motives. Love gives and gives when everything else runs out, runs down, or runs away. Love fights like an indomitable warrior. Love wins battles. Love conquers all.” And these two free printables (which I designed for free.99 at 

19. Blueberry French Toast Day!

In which I ate this:

EDIT photo 9

And then wrote a million paragraphs documenting my love of the healthy blueberry french toast found in The Daniel Plan cookbook. YUM. (We just had these again this morning… So, Blueberry French Toast Day: Part 5-ish!!!)

20. As Sure As the Sun

Sure As the Sun FULL Return to Me

In which I remember He is the Only Sure Thing, and let Ellie Holcomb’s beautiful album be the latest soundtrack for my life.

So, in closing, thank you for tracking with me through all the rants, ramblings, and rabbit trails (whoa, unintended alliteration) of this Reclaiming Abundance Project. God has changed us SO much in the past 6 months; I feel like we are different people now! Instead of strife our home fills with peace, instead of loneliness- love, instead of despair- hope.

I didn’t know how (yet I dared to dream) this process of intentionally seeking His abundance would change so much for us. And even though this will never really end- though we are really always having to reclaim abundance over and over- we’ve been reset and renewed. We are now free here at King’s Cottage from rampant scarcity and will ward it off at all costs. May we now live lives of thankfulness- of Doxology- and say

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Praise Him all creatures here below.

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts.

Praise Father, Son, & Holy Ghost.


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