My Biggest Fear: Ruining It.

How? By opening my mouth.

You know those moments? The ones you either work so hard to create, or to be a part of, or anticipate, or even the spontaneous ones that happen, and you’re just so psyched that they’re happening, that you sense their fragile equilibrium balancing ever-so-precariously in time? Ever the seeker of the perfect moment, I’m sort of perpetually worried that I’ll ruin those moments.

Or that, in my many imaginings of just how they might unfold, my overthinking will elevate my expectations to the unfair and wholly unrealistic level of outside earth’s atmosphere somewhere. (Does anyone else do this???)

Overthinking is one of my talents. And by talents, I here mean constant annoyances. If I had a nemesis, it would be the Overanalyzer. Or maybe that would just be my evil doppelgänger?

Even after an incredible moment, I turn it over in my mind, treasuring it like Gollum with the One Ring, to the point where I just want to savor it with someone else… Who can I talk to about this??? Who will be excited with me or get choked up all over again with me, or giddily laugh over the awesomeness of the moment with me?

Thankfully, I have found some gloriously kindred spirits (who overanalyze significantly less than I do… or it just seems that way) who are happy (or at least willing) to listen to all the cluttered thoughts- perhaps 1 or 2 profundities covered in piles of minutiae, like laundry- and who reassure me that I’m not insane. It’s a kind lie, and I’m ever so thankful for it!

Just be encouraged this week, either that you’re not the only one… Or, if you’re a sane person who is not plagued by the disease of paral- I mean- analysis, then you can be encouraged that someone out there is MUCH crazier than you. You’re welcome.

In the meantime, we can all just breathe.

(If you’re here, this is a free design you can download! Just click the pic and download, and print on your fav paper! If you do so, would you just pretty please post a picture in the comments? If that’s even doable… At least, email me a picture of your print hanging up! Thanks in advance!)


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Easter in Texas, Rain in Ohio.

Ahhh. I haven’t gotten to do this in awhile. Rainy afternoon, laptop, coffee, Andrew Peterson playing “Havens Grey” in the background, and writing to you! Hi, friends!

It’s a most welcome moment of peace, I confess. It’s been a month. And the ridiculous part is, I barely remember half of it, because it was such a blur. First, there was If Then Move’s very first So Be It retreat on March 7th at Cicero Christian Church, which was awesome! Then, there was my husband being gone for a week to Anaheim, CA for a week (in which time I was oh-so-productive). And of course he got back and immediately we drove to my parents’ house for grand and ostentatious event of the year- Lucy’s first birthday party! So epic… and so many bunnies…

In case you missed the other post with a billion pictures...
In case you missed the other post with a billion pictures…

And OH YEAH, in the middle of all of this, I decided it would be a good time to open Ebenezer Designs on Etsy. You probably remember how stinking excited I was regarding this matter (and also slightly anxious). 

I have such good timing. Of course, the week after Anaheim/Lucy’s birthday, we flew down to Texas for Easter weekend to spend some time with the hubs’ family… Now, let us pause to share some of the sunny, warm, beautifulness that is Texas:

This is what Panda Express in the airport thinks of me as of last Wednesday.
This is what Panda Express in the airport thinks of me as of last Wednesday. How very kind of you, orange chicken!
Lucy traveled like a boss. She was only *slightly* crazy on the plane, and then mercifully slept the rest of the way.
Lucy traveled like a boss. She was only *slightly* crazy on the plane, and then mercifully slept the rest of the way.

Okay, okay. Now for actual Texas pictures:

IMG_0652 IMG_0651 IMG_0648 IMG_0657

Thanks to our friend, Ashley, we have this super cute picture of Lucy and me!!! Yay for one of us that's NOT a selfie!
Thanks to our friend, Ashley, we have this super cute picture of Lucy and me!!! Yay for one of us that’s NOT a selfie!
Then there's this slightly less polished one... If she could talk, I'm pretty sure she'd be like, "Moooom, get OFF me!"
Then there’s this slightly less polished one… If she could talk, I’m pretty sure she’d be like, “Moooom, get OFF me!”
Then it was Easter morning, and Lucy was like, YEAH!
Then it was Easter morning, and Lucy was like, YEAH! (I know it’s blurry, but isn’t it still freaking adorable?) 
Easter Sunday!
Easter Sunday!

I managed to also remember to have Ryan’s aunt snap a picture of us after church… Yay for a picture of us all dressed up nice!!! I almost never dress up to this degree for church… But yay, for H&M having a fab dress that I actually FIT into!!! Plus, the day before, the girls took me to Sam Moon, where I found the mint/aqua necklace Of. My. Dreams. to wear with that dress. Which was $8.50. So, I’m like, WHY IS THERE NO SAM MOON IN THE MIDWEST?!?!

Anyway, I hope you also notice the big, coral-ish flower in Lucy’s hair, because it was one of the few moments in which it stayed on her head (versus in her hand/mouth/on the floor). 

Exhibit A.
Exhibit A. Still, how cute is THIS? You have no idea how entertained she was by those plastics eggs. It was awesome.

Yes, I realize most of these pictures are, you know, of my child, but whatev. My blog. My self-indulgent-oversharing-of-my daughter’s-cuteness. But you still saw some of the gorgeous sunnyness that is Texas, right? But I don’t even mind the rainy, 50 degree weather here. It’s kind of relaxing…

And the other piece of this is that not only did I open my etsy shop the week prior, but I also received my FIRST ORDER EVER 6 days after opening it. As promised, I will show you the finished product!! A lovely gal requested that I do the quote from the new Cinderella movie, “Have courage and be kind.” I think it’s a great quote, though alas! I have yet to see this movie. I’ve heard awesome things about it. I mean, Andrew Peterson (I weirdly have to say his full name every time I mention him, which is awkward, but otherwise who are you supposed to think it is??) even commented on it. I can’t find the link to it, but it was something about him crying 15 different times during the movie, which he was watching with his daughter who didn’t cry at all… That will probably be me (the crying one, I mean. And no one else will be).

Click the pic to see it in the shop! Here it is:


Husband of the Year (OR: How I Keep from Going Insane)

People EVERYWHERE are positively clamoring for an update on WHY I have not posted for two laborious weeks, according to one source I made up in my head. Well, let me just tell you, this post is going to be list-tastic, because I need to tell you a) all the goings-on from the past two weeks, b) how my husband saved my sanity as a result of all the goings on from the past two weeks.

So. List #1: Goings-On

1. The Hubs was out of town from Saturday-Friday morning last week for work. In California. (And he had the nerve to send me pictures…) 

2. Meanwhile, I spent the week not achieving all the lofty organizational and/or housecleaning goals I’d set for myself, taking care of Lucy, and being generally exhausted.

3. Ebenezer Designs received its VERY FIRST ORDER last week. From someone I didn’t even know. Eep! I was so excited. I called my mom. (And yes, you will see the order, but not until after I know my fabulous customer has gotten to see it first.) This was the one thing I actually got to work on, while watching all the DVR’ed episodes we had of Fixer Upper.

4. There were a lot of other things. But now I can’t remember them. So, this list is shorter than it really should be…

List #2: My Hero Husband

1. First of all, my husband was willing- after a long week and a red-eye flight back from California last Thursday night- to then drive over to my parents’ house two hours away to celebrate Lucy’s first birthday. (All weekend.) Need to see the cuteness? I figured. The theme was bunnies… Prepare yourself accordingly…

11081190_630248965490_3907661394045884411_n11096426_630249005410_257284900684430709_n 1798762_630248945530_4451699433718871906_n 10952086_630249060300_3325138722338577155_n11102762_630248925570_2253311105988717970_n 11081439_630248715990_4564773784391423193_n
11080931_630247129170_293102056524232833_n 11050308_630247104220_7496999643885313586_n11081094_630247164100_7663893766348832506_n 11001885_630247084260_3179963728982804535_n

(I mean, stop it.)

2. So then, we drove back home Sunday afternoon, when I realized I probably should take Lu to the doctor because she’d had a rash that was getting rashier by the day. But I wasn’t going to be able to, because three ridiculously cute, snuggly, fuzzy-headed newborn triplets started this week at the daycare. (So. Many. Babies.) Oh, and because we flew out to Texas this past Wednesday evening, so we had to do laundry and pack somewhere in there, too. So, Ryan volunteered to take personal time and take her to the doctor on Tuesday. Hero point number two.

3. Hero point number three is that not only did he take her to the doctor (which required a 20-minute drive from his office to daycare, followed by a 30-minute drive to the doc’s, and then back to the daycare) and pick up her prescription cream, but instead of working late like he said he’d have to do, he decided to just take Lucy home. Which meant a lot less lugging-heavy-bags/child around for me. Mommas- y’all know what I’m talking about.

4. By the time I got home, he had made dinner- let me say it again: he had made dinner- and fed Lucy most of hers. At this point, I’m wondering if he’s in some kind of secret competition to win husband of the year? Like a broken record, I kept telling him thank you and how awesome he is, until the word “awesome” had lost all meaning.

5. While I gave Lucy her bath, I’d mentioned with a sigh that I needed to deal with the overflowing sink, because I just couldn’t handle coming back home to nasty, gross dishes everywhere. After her bath, I came out to find them ALL DONE. PEOPLE.

6. On Wednesday, he shipped the aforementioned first Etsy shop order (and there was much rejoicing) for me. Because I’m bad at mail.

So, all that to provide you insight as to why my long-awaited post comes so late (tell me you can hear the sarcasm?) and basically is a list of excuses as to why. You’re welcome.

What has gotten me through the last two weeks? Coffee, my friends. Always coffee. (And Jesus, but coffee is just his special invention for me to utilize in these situations. Thank you, Jesus.)

So, here is the print that I’d made summing up this profundity:

Click the pic to see it in the shop!
Click the pic to see it in the shop!