My Biggest Fear: Ruining It.

How? By opening my mouth.

You know those moments? The ones you either work so hard to create, or to be a part of, or anticipate, or even the spontaneous ones that happen, and you’re just so psyched that they’re happening, that you sense their fragile equilibrium balancing ever-so-precariously in time? Ever the seeker of the perfect moment, I’m sort of perpetually worried that I’ll ruin those moments.

Or that, in my many imaginings of just how they might unfold, my overthinking will elevate my expectations to the unfair and wholly unrealistic level of outside earth’s atmosphere somewhere. (Does anyone else do this???)

Overthinking is one of my talents. And by talents, I here mean constant annoyances. If I had a nemesis, it would be the Overanalyzer. Or maybe that would just be my evil doppelgänger?

Even after an incredible moment, I turn it over in my mind, treasuring it like Gollum with the One Ring, to the point where I just want to savor it with someone else… Who can I talk to about this??? Who will be excited with me or get choked up all over again with me, or giddily laugh over the awesomeness of the moment with me?

Thankfully, I have found some gloriously kindred spirits (who overanalyze significantly less than I do… or it just seems that way) who are happy (or at least willing) to listen to all the cluttered thoughts- perhaps 1 or 2 profundities covered in piles of minutiae, like laundry- and who reassure me that I’m not insane. It’s a kind lie, and I’m ever so thankful for it!

Just be encouraged this week, either that you’re not the only one… Or, if you’re a sane person who is not plagued by the disease of paral- I mean- analysis, then you can be encouraged that someone out there is MUCH crazier than you. You’re welcome.

In the meantime, we can all just breathe.

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