My Own Little Corner

Sometimes you just need something pretty, a little corner of loveliness to give your eyes a respite of beauty.

Well, here’s mine.

corner straight on

It’s basically a mini-command center. You know those things, right? On Pinterest? They look very intense, which I think is because normally moms of multiple children use them to maintain order and sanity in their homes. I love the idea, and was mildly fixated on having one of my own for awhile.

But then I realized- I don’t really need a full-blown, takes-up-an-entire-wall type of situation.

What I needed- really? Just a place to keep our mail.

And also cute things we receive in the mail. And/or save the dates for things. And just any cute piece of paper I deem worthy of being seen almost nearly right after you walk into my house. Because it’s visible from the front door.

Thus, that fabulous bulletin board that I’d fallen in love with a couple months ago.

Want me to break it down? (Because it’s soooo complicated?) Ok.

but first coffee light Because always this…

corner straight on Because seriously, aren’t those things all so harmonious together?? The basket isn’t my favorite, but it’s what we had. And sometimes you don’t want to or simply can’t just go out and buy “the perfect basket”… and mail fits in it, which is the real purpose anyway.

happy light

I mean. Cavu Coffee is my happy place, but this little speckled container + the glowy lights inside it- is my spirit animal. (I’m such a complex being…) I think my mom found it somewhere… She has magical powers of finding these things.

corner mail

Here’s what it looks like with cute mail in it… like pretty letters from a kindred spirit, etc. (Obviously, the addresses aren’t accurate anymore. I wouldn’t put that info out on the interwebs for just anybody. I’m looking at you, adoring fans…)

Normally, it’s still not totally organized. (See earlier photo where the basket is on the verge of exploding.) But there are enough lovely things- “arrows” as The Nester calls them- to distract from my basket of mail.

Plus, I love that little table, which I’m pretty sure used to be my mother-in-law’s awhile ago. I love how rustic it is! Then some random notepads that don’t exactly go together. But, It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” 

So, there’s my little corner of practical beauty. Loveliness with a purpose. I’m still learning all the countless ways beauty can have purpose in life. Do you have a little corner of your own? Or an example of beauty is practical? I’m all about that!!! Do leave a comment and tell your story, too.

P.S. I linked up this week at the House of Hipsters Linky Party! Come check it out here!

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