Pre-Fall: A Most Frivolous Post

That’s right. That’s what season it is. Don’t try to tell me it’s the season called End-of-Summer. If you did, you’d be wrong. It’s definitely Pre-Fall.

If it weren’t, people wouldn’t already be pinning stuff like apple cider donuts (aka “AreyoukiddingmegetinmybellyASAP”) would they?

Ok, ok. Clearly I can’t be trusted not to gorge myself on fall stuff, and need to remember that no matter what Pinterest says, it’s still 90 degrees outside and boots are not viable footwear.

So, in an effort to distract myself from it not being fall yet, I decided this post would NOT be about all the beautiful wreaths and whatnot I saw at Michaels…

…Except to show you an adorable picture or two of my child next to the faux-flora-and-fauna:

IMG_2088 IMG_2089

Notice how she points accusatorially at said pseudo-garlands. You can’t tell in the picture, but she was saying, “Enough of your shenanigans, Michaels! I’ll not be drawn in by your seductive and overpriced sprigs!!! Good day- I said good day to you, sir!” Or something like that. She’s very articulate.

Now back to not thinking about fall… My distractions shall be in the form of a current list of my favorite things! {And there was much rejoicing.}

And they are as follows:

1. This sweater

920884fa54df32bdeedabbc7c88929f1 Okay, so it’s kind of fallish. WHATEVER. Since I pinned it the other day, I just keep finding myself gazing fondly at it, resisting the urge to pet my computer screen and creepily whisper, “Myyyy preciousss…” Anyway, isn’t it fabulous?

2. This book by Claire Keane called Once Upon a Cloud


The whole thing is seriously so beautiful, and so well done, you guys. Please go to B&N and buy it!! Claire Keane is incredible to say the least and one of my new favorite artists! She did concept art for Tangled and Frozen, and artistically speaking I basically want to be her when I grow up.

3. These pillows at IKEA

90f44dbc2573a819cb6bdc241a103eb4 b4945d12fe64cd45c834a3b871919cbdThey just reinforce my love of cottagey gray and white things, and are here representing all the other gray and white things I love at IKEA.

4. This mug


Here it is in a cozy context.

IMG_1756 …And again in a this-is-actually-where-I-create context.

Okay, this is the first thing on the list I actually own… Which might make all the other things cheats, but regardless, I. LOVE. This. Mug.

5. Grumppuccinos. IMG_2106

I mean, seriously you guys. These are epically (epic-ly? epicly? epicley???) delicious. Probably because they’re made for grumpy people in need of de-grumpifying. Well, mission accomplished, Grumppuccino. I am officially de-grumpified. (You know, if it isn’t first thing in the morning or something… I mean, I’d have to ingest such a beverage in order to be de-grumpified at that time.)

So, there you go. Just some favorites to tide you over until we can properly celebrate fall together… in like, two months. (Gaaaaahhh.) Anyone have anything else to distract me??? Anything fabulous in your life? If it’s on Pinterest, I count it.

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