August: A Begrudged Celebration (& Much Anticipation)

“August is the month of quiet haze that stretches itself out on lavender horizons. Everything hushes. It’s the only time of year you can hear the last of the plants growing in their dirt beds. They are amber days with caramelized sunsets.” – Brooke Reed

Isn’t that so beautiful? I thought it was. So much so in fact, that I doodled this print of it to share with you, and will hopefully soon add it as a listing on Ebenezer Designs. (Which will obviously not be a janky photo I took on my phone.)


You see, I had determined, back on July 30th, that I would not post about anything fallish (after my Pre-Fall post a few weeks ago) until a certain date- August 26th to be exact- because it was on that date last year when I posted my surrender to all autumnal inclinations to festoon our apartment with my epic Dollar Tree fall decor. We’ll see if I make it that long…

If you’ve read any of my blog, you may have realized that August- along with February- feel like the most obligatory and annoying months of the year to me. February because of its mix of tundra and wonderland-turned-evil-sludge-that-ruins-everything, and August because of previously outlined reasons found here. But I have endeavored to like August for the past couple of years, because of reasons found here.

So, in spite of the persisting uncomfortable humidity, bugs, and general upheaval that comes with beginning a new school year (although a girl at Charlotte Russe totally thought my mom was taking me back to school shopping the other day. I was like, “You’re adorable.”) I have decided that this month will be an opportunity. An opportunity to hush my house and myself before the festooning of fall begins.

Once you decorate for fall, it sort of marks the beginning of some of the most beautiful and festive months of the year. And also, for good or ill, some of the most rushed. (Is it ironic to anyone else that “rushed” and “hushed” rhyme???) And while I usually decorate way earlier than most people anyway, it’s because I just want to savor autumn well, especially since it often feels devoured prematurely by Christmas (another season for which I bear no small amount of enthusiasm).

Hushing the house is something The Nester talked about earlier this summer. Of course, she highlighted the concept to mirror the nature of summer, to quiet your home and quiet your life a little as you take a break from the busy rest of the year (even if you still work full time, etc). It is another way to de-clutter, which is also one of my words on my banner for 2015 (which you can see at the top of the page). So, this is how August is redeeming itself for me. “Everything hushes.” That’s sounds nice, doesn’t it?

For me this year, fall will mark the beginning of a particularly exciting and challenging season- but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out why! Lots of developments of the blog-rific and artistic nature- I’m SO excited I wish I could just tell you everything right this second! …. But that would kind of ruin the whole “hushing” thing.

I hope you’ll take a leaf out of Brooke’s book, and “hush” along with the rest of creation in August.

May all your Augusts be carmelized!

(I kind of borrowed that from her as well… It’s what she said after sharing this print on social media. Sounds delicious, right?)

How are YOU hushing in August?

UPDATE: Here is the photo of the listing on my etsy shop, Ebenezer Designs! 


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