Art is Belonging: An Attempted Definition

And I’ll tell you why. I was thinking about this blog when I posted Long Live Beauty’s 50th post, and reminding myself why I started it to begin with. Among those thoughts housed in my brain, some wandered in regarding art and creating, and why I do it- why we do it.
What is art anyway? The definition(s) I share with you here is by no means the most extensive or broad look at art as a whole. It is one of the jumbling, run-on, tangled definitions I’ve got that will probably seem more like I’m spilling the contents of my purse- both personal and random- all over the floor. I’m ok with that.
Art is being who I’m made to be, art is making something beautiful. Art is bringing beauty to the world, and when beauty is brought to the world, it orders it a little more; it puts one more mess to right again. It shifts paradigms, bolsters faith, shakes up and wakes up and comforts and disturbs.
Art is belonging, because it’s how I find a place for everything and put everything in its place. It’s belonging because we belong in beauty, we belong to the most Beautiful One. In both its questions and its answers, art can simultaneously ask where He is and point directly to Him.
 welcome home
And art isn’t confined to a paint brush or a camera or a violin or a stage. Art is what we make when we be most fully ourselves as possible- no, it’s more than that. It’s what we make when we surrender to being most fully His.
Art is a bell ringing on the front porch of heaven, calling us all home for eternity’s feast.

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