Day 2: That Epic Autumn Wreath!

You guys.

I have been dreaming of this post for like, 2 and a half months now- and IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! EEEEP. (Inhaling… Exhaling… calming down enough to prevent spontaneous combustion.)

31 days of Enjoy square

As many of you know, I SUPER LOVE fall wreaths. And I decided that this was the year- the year to finally purchase my very first, very own, autumnalicious display of wreathery.

Day 2 Autumn Wreath

It had to be big. It had to be voluminous. It had to be like an autumnal celebratory explosion on my front door… but in a classy and welcoming way, obviously. And finally, after much seeking, searching, deliberating, and shunning the overpriced specimens at Michaels and several other places, I bought this beauty at Kirklands, the place where happiness goes to decorate its house:


(I don’t know why the Kirklands’ picture is so small, but it is.)

I could’ve gone so many directions with buying a wreath! Some are rustic and neutral, some involve a lot of sunflowers (which for some reason were not my fav), some look homemade but aren’t, some were plum-y in their color scheme, others glitterfied like a fall wreath that fell into a craft store… or Vegas, and some in the traditional colors of fall.

For this- my first ever wreath purchased for my home that wasn’t given to me for free- I decided to go a little more traditional. Doesn’t it just beckon so invitingly? It’s like it’s saying, “Hey friends! Come on in and have some chili and cider. And some apple turnovers and ice cream. And some pumpkin muffins!”

This is extra special for me, because it’s the first year I haven’t had to shun the idea of spending more than $1 on decor. Don’t get me wrong! I still firmly believe that for general garland and faux-flower purchases, Dollar Tree should be the go-to place. (It’s COMPLETELY different than other dollar stores, people. I’ve said before and I’ll say again- Dollar Tree is to Target what all other dollar stores are to Walmart.) 

Upon first hanging it, it was bow-less, and then I found a cheap roll of this pretty, rustic ribbon, which I then attempted to festoon upon the wreath like this:

wreath 1 EDIT

Which I decided looked like I’d given up on bow-tying. But also I remembered that my point in purchasing the ribbon was to cover the plastic hanger-thing. So, I tried again, with what I think is a far more pleasing result!

wreath 2 EDIT

Isn’t it amazing how something so inconsequential, like a wreath, can inspire so much wonder? Maybe it’s silly, but for me, this brings me thorough and utter delight. And that is what I’m about in this season: enjoying a little beauty to greet me on my front door, reminding me in a unique way to celebrate and enjoy.

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