Day 3: Spice Up Your Weekend Pinning

31 days of Enjoy square

It’s Saturday! We’re three days in to 31 Days of Enjoy, and for Day 3 I thought I’d share 10 favorite things from my Autumn board on Pinterest.

  1. Who doesn’t love free printables??? This one is a gem.6295273f13650d0f3863732b81dc7d8d
  2. I just love this centerpiece. The article linked to the picture is, supposedly, “60 Amazing Pumpkin Centerpieces and Glorious Fall Decorating Ideas” which I think is a) a verbose title and b) overselling a little- I mean, “glorious”? Well, they are gorgeous… so what do I know?5e0611e5a45926521f8bfda9390a0ab9
  3. This is one DIY I actually want to do! It looks easy, and also rather gratifying, considering its simplicity. My kind of DIY.79d31efa222b9c2899da75d690069c70
  4. I just love this girl’s mantle! It looks utterly cozy. And makes me want a mantle to decorate. 1ec41762cc9e76e71325a4934e13e5e9
  5. This is one of those things I pinned because as Liz Lemon says, “I want to go to there.” The link is to some place on tumblr. (Can I confess to not really understanding the purpose of tumblr? Is it just pictures?? I realize I could just google it, but I want to be real about important issues like this.)bc177faa509af99e64b1eb9178905ec1
  6. I want this scarf SO. BADLY. I found it recently on Amazon for considerably cheaper than the linked site shows, but haven’t ordered it yet. (One has to be mindful of spreading out one’s purchases… especially on things which one absolutely does NOT need because one already has a ton of scarves.)faa365990f898e574d2e9fb31c1a7e27
  7. Speaking of plaid things… I love this tablescape (incidentally, one of my favorite words ever) from The Turquoise Home. That post features 26 other fabulous tablescapes (weee! there it is again) for Thanksgiving.b4c420cb1dccda8a9218d8717bc33f6e
  8. This pillow. (Hmm, plaid again in this picture… I am really on a plaid kick, aren’t I?)b3c9068c21efeb8f1da5121a90a77898
  9. These velvet pumpkins. Velvet pumpkins, you guys. I desperately long for a few, however they are QUITE pricey. But still. Click on this one, because Love Feast is making some beautiful things in their shop!c916547d9fd353ad4864ea4318b2aa66
  10. And last, but not least, I had to include this one because it’s an old favorite. (And still funny.)Pumkin Flavored EverythingThere you go! 10 of my favorite things from my Autumn Happiness Board on Pinterest. To see the whole board in all its glory, click here! I linked each picture to its original home on the internet, by the way. That way, you can go explore these fun places. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Spice Up Your Weekend Pinning

    1. Ha!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. And yes I try to use fancy words as often as possible- mostly “tablescape” which is very fancy. One might even say it’s schmancy. 😄 Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!

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