Day 9: Three Secret Weapons for Autumn Decor

31 days of Enjoy square

On this, the 9th Day of Enjoy, I’d like- nay, I’d love- to share my secret weapons for autumn decor. (Take a moment to prepare yourself accordingly.) These secret weapons are:

  1. Dollar Tree
  2. Kirklands
  3. Nature

…Yep. That about wraps that up. See you tomorrow!

Just kidding.

But seriously, let me tell you about these lovely resources. I’m not an interior designer, nor a decorating guru of any kind, so be advised that I just get excited about pretty things and feel compelled to share that excitement with you.

If you are looking for garlands and/or anything of the faux-floral variety, Go. To. The Dollar Tree. (Do I talk about this too much? Too often? Well, I just think people ought to know about it.)

Everything is $1 in there, and you can do a lot with a few bucks. Here’s what I’ve done:


I made a cameo appearance… I’m so subtle, it’s ridiculous. That little berry garland? Dollar Tree. That super cute basket? From my mom.

I have a few of those berry garlands, because they’re lovely… (Oh yeah, and those beautiful Letters from Ella!)


See that Autumn sign hanging there? That’s from the Dollar Tree, people. How stinkin cute is that? What’s that you say? A closer look? By all means…entry2EDIT

(I shared about that super cute “Give Thanks” sign here during The Reclaiming Abundance project last year.)

fall table centerpieceThat last one is an example of their garlands. It’s actually from last year and I didn’t want to take a new picture. 😀 But see what I mean? Garland awesomeness!!

The second secret weapon- one of my most favorite places to shop for home decor in general, but especially seasonal decor, is Kirklands. Such a dreamy place. Their prices are SO much better than your average Pier 1- I mean, store. They are my go-to place for candles year round, because the candles are giant, last more than 5 minutes, and cost $7.99. (Yankee candles are 3 times that or more! And these aren’t like mega-cheap candles that lose their aroma after a few hours of burning.) 

T.J. Maxx follows closely behind, but Kirklands is just distinct; when I go there, it’s like finding things that have already taken up residence in my home… but just aren’t actually in my home yet.

As you already know, I found the King of all Wreaths at Kirklands, which I shared back on Day 2, but I also found a couple other lovely additions this year.

For starters, there’s this delightful pillow… See it? There on my couch being cute?


Here’s a closer look. It’s the “thankful” pillow. Other than the wreath, this has been my single most favorite thing ever.

thankful EDIT

Sometimes I get so excited about it, I just carry it around my apartment cuddling it. Like so…
thankful pillow and me

I love this pillow, because a) it’s beautiful, b)it’s message is beautiful and something I want to be present in my mind all the time anyway, and c) it’s actually a comfortable to lay on. (Versus being one of those weird fluffy pillows or something… Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t take a nap on pillows like that!)table2EDIT

This giant votive-vase-jar thing. You guys, I kept resisting buying this for a long time, but when it went on sale awhile back I resisted no longer. I will honestly probably use this throughout the year too… Because why not? And it looks so happy and glowy when a lit candle is inside! Exhibit A:

Oh! And those fun, big acorns? Those were from Kirklands too.centerpieceEDIT

So, my island centerpiece is a combination of Kirklands (the candle- “spiced pecan” I think… whatever it is, it is DELISH), Dollar Tree (faux-flowers), Target $1 spot stuff (crackley-gold painted apothecary jar and metal vase thing), and wherever that little pseudo-chalkboard sign came from… Oh, and apples, which are from- wait for it- an apple tree.

Anyway, all of that Kirklands stuff was on sale. (Except the pillow, which wasn’t bad. But they sold out of those super fast so- worth it.) Because when bargains are on sale, the answer is yes.

For the third, well… I know “nature” sounds like the single most obvious statement that’s ever been made. But along with things like beautiful apples and pumpkins, branches and leaves from “an obliging field” (that’s a Sense & Sensibility reference… you know- Mr. Willoughby. I know he’s a jerk, but don’t hold it against obliging fields) make for fabulous and appropriate seasonal decor.

Plus, you get to find new ones next year! The Nester talks about the added benefit of less bins and bins of fake stuff you have to store the rest of the year. (That said, having a bin or two is worth it for a few key pieces if you adore them. Plus, I can only bring in so much nature into my house… I just know there’ll be bugs in there, and ain’t nobody got time for that.) 

You may be wondering where my nature was in these shots. I actually mixed in some flowers I picked on a walk I went on with Lucy with some faux-flowers from Dollar Tree in that island centerpiece. And the pinecones on the table are real (though I admit to getting those at Walmart and/or my mom). Also, if you look at our front door, you’ll see little pumpkins and gourds…


(I’d initially drawn the Welcome sign for the ladies retreat I told you about, and I haven’t had time to change it to “Welcome to our Home” or something a little more appropriate for- you know- our home) I plan on getting a bigger pumpkin a little later this month.

NOTE: It could be argued that a fourth category is merited… You could call that category My Mom. She often ends up giving me things, as you’ve probably noticed reading this, and they are usually fabulous things, like that chalkboard up in front of our door, or the pumpkin-ey looking basket above under the Dollar Tree section.

Now, I have never presumed or pretended to be a DIY-er as you know. But I found this little gem (among a plethora of others too!) on Pinterest, which may help you if the idea of many a DIY project sends you into tizzies of excitement. And/or if you find yourself in need of “easy and thrifty” fall decor ideas (I’m a big fan of both). Plus, these projects mercifully aren’t labor intensive for the most part.


So, there you are! Three secret weapons you could never have discovered, had not Pinterest and I deigned to share our lofty wisdom.

I hope you enjoyed them! Where do you find your favorite fall decor?

Our winner of the Fall Prints Giveaway is Hannah Huffines!!! (Also, she just happens to be proprietor of Sweet Bites bakery, which is giving gluten free a good name! Check her out here.)

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