Day 10: A Walk with Lucy

31 days of Enjoy square

On my way to work at the daycare, I drive passed a lovely little free park. I can’t see all of it, but the most noticeable part has been the large patches of tall stalks bearing golden flowers.

So basically, I drive passed a field of gold every morning. It’s AWESOME. And I determined that one grand, glorious day I would actually take a walk in that park… It was a very Braveheart kind of situation…

Anyway. I finally took that walk earlier this week with Lucy… It was positively lovely!


That’s one beautiful view!

Someday, when the hubs can come with us, we are totally riding in these paddleboat things.onourwalk

Look- nature!smile

This last one is my personal favorite… I mean, look at her face!!!


This is pretty adventuresome for me, really. As far as outside goes, I mean. But just because bugs freak me out doesn’t mean I don’t think nature is completely beautiful! Especially in the fall.

Hope you get to enjoy a lovely walk with a lovely someone this weekend!

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