Day 11: May You Enjoy Your Smudges

Sometimes I find myself perusing Pinterest (understatement of the century), and after looking at lots of illustrations, many of them staring me down with daunting perfection, I struggle against an immediate, simultaneous hate/love of their awesomeness. (No really, I have a whole board full of impossibly, unattainably beautiful such pieces.)

And I know in my head that comparison is the thief of joy- it SO IS. But sometimes I find myself treating it like an old friend instead of an unwelcome intruder. In fact, it could be argued that I seek it out through my broken way of looking at things.

Well, not in this series, folks! I determine to drive Comparison from my midst like the sniveling, lying worm that it is. Instead, I will be free to enjoy. And today, I’m freeing myself by sharing some old drawings and a few newer sneak peaks and such with you.

They are vastly imperfect, and a couple of them are arguably not a great representation of my skill now, since they’re from a few years ago. (I’d like to think I’ve developed at least somewhat since then.) 

But I’ll share them anyway.

This first one is back from before I got married! It’s sort of me in my wedding dress (you never would’ve figured that one out, would you?). 


This may shock you, but I’m not typically prone to drawing robots… But there Blinky blinks out from my sketchbook to this day… I think he runs on gas station slushies. Red flavor.
IMG_3326 These are some character sketches I did for a story.IMG_3323IMG_3325 IMG_3322

Gee. I wonder what inspired this one…FullSizeRender 2

Then this library picture… ugh. I promised I wouldn’t list all the things I think are wrong with all of these pictures… Because that’s annoying. So here’s me resisting…

IMG_3327 And if you’ve read this blog for long, you’ll remember this one. But I unapologetically share it again. She just makes me so happy! Probably because I just want my hair to be like that… And I want to be in charge of the autumn fairy dust. (I mean, clearly that’s her job, right?)FullSizeRender

Those are old. These are new:


I Will be With You unto us sneak peak

Ok. So the middle one was inspired by Aliza Latta’s design. And mine is far too mushy to be added to the shop, so I’m just sharing it for funsies. Aliza is amazing, btw! And the other two are sneak peaks of projects I’ll be adding to Ebenezer Designs! They are rough drafts and will probably end up quite different… But I just couldn’t resist sharing them. And I think that’s good, because they are SUPER imperfect and smudgey.

Regardless, I got paint on my hands today. That is life-giving to my soul. And plus, if I ever want to become better, I’ll have to start exactly where I am, smudges and all.

Today, may you enjoy your smudges. May you enjoy creating- whatever that looks like for you. And may you be empowered to share your own creations, unhindered by that toxic frenemy, Comparison.

3 thoughts on “Day 11: May You Enjoy Your Smudges

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    1. That would be AWESOME. And it took me a full minute to figure out why you were talking about Cinderella, lol!!! She’s a character from a story, but I didn’t even think of the fact that she does bear great resemblance to Cinderella!

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