Day 15: Rejoice! (Free Printable. Not for Mrs. Trunchbull)

31 days of Enjoy square

You know, for all this focus on enjoying, I can still really get off track.

And a couple days this week, I did. I let myself get caught up in the little mini-maelstroms that a Monday or Tuesday and all of their relentless minutiae can bring. It wasn’t even anything life-altering. But it was mind-numbing and chaotic.

In the moment, did I remind myself of God’s grace? Did I remember the joy he offers- no- promises? Nope. Instead, I tend to shame myself. I tell myself things like, “You know, think of circumstances other people are enduring that are a TON worse than yours. You should be grateful.” And I am. But I realize that the voice saying those things to me? It’s like some toxic old lady who never has any fun, never wants anyone else to either, and doesn’t really give or receive love.

It begs the question, why did I let her into my head in the first place?! I vacillate between seeing her as an old lady (who lives in a literal black and white world) or Mrs. Trunchbull from Matilda.


(Did you just realize this too?? Also, I don’t know why they spelled it “realise.” That might be a British thing. Regardless, it still blows my mind that she plays Aunt Marge…)

Anyway. I think it’s a lot easier to be mind-numbed and beseiged by chaos than it is to stop. Take a deep breath. And rejoice in the Lord… Always.

full size edit

So just remember. Rejoice! And forget all that nonsense weird old lady/Mrs. Trunchbull slings at you.

If hanging this free printable in your house helps, then go for it! Here’s the printable itself:

Rejoice in the Lord

Just click it, save it, print it.

(This is up on the shop, too! I mention it because you can order the digital print in other colors! Shmancy, right?)

5 thoughts on “Day 15: Rejoice! (Free Printable. Not for Mrs. Trunchbull)

  1. Darling, this is my favorite of your hand-lettered quotes/verses yet! I absolutely love the message and composition. It has the polish of something I would see on Pinterest, but it also screams the originality of YOU that Pinterest just can’t conjure. Also, who knew about Aunt Marge?!?!

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