Day 20: When You Don’t Have a Mantle {Or a Porch}

31 days of Enjoy square

Sometimes, I positively long for a beautiful mantle or front porch to make even more beautiful during seasons like fall. (Ok. Really like, 75% for fall, and the rest for Christmas.) It’s easy to look through the seemingly infinite pictures of Pinterest mantles and magazine porches out there… like these:



…and think- oh, woe and alas! for I- the saddest of beings lacking such a mantle, such a porch!!!! in a dramatic voice with a British accent.

But we aren’t in a season of mantles and porches and all the accoutrements thereof. We are in a season of a 3rd floor apartment and a toddler, whose wonder basically paints the whole world as one giant, gorgeous mantle and/or front porch. (I mean, at the covered bridge festival, all she did while we ate lunch was pick up a million different gravel rocks and bring them all to us- she even got upset when we made her put them back on the ground…) And if she can delight in so much around her, then I can too.

Wow. Learning how to enjoy life from your kids. I don’t think anyone’s ever thought of that before…

Anyway, I hope that if you have a mantle {or porch} you are just enjoying the awesomeness out of it! And if you don’t, I hope you are still celebrating all the corners of beauty in and and around us, this beautiful October!

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