Day 28: Enjoying Coffee. {And Catching Up.}


We’ve traveled a LOT this month. Like, every weekend but one. And I have positively loved every minute of it.


But I will be glad to get to this weekend. Because I’m not going anywhere. And maybe I’ll finally put my laundry away, and wash that particularly intricate sippy cup of Lucy’s which has been renting out a corner of the sink from me for a few weeks now. (I keep washing everything else BUT that sippy cup. I know I said it was intricate, but it’s not really that intricate. There’s really no reason not to have washed it. I just haven’t.)

Other than that, I’ll be glad to settle my home once more. I find it needs hushing again. I’ll also be glad to settle my schedule again (my brain’s going, “Schedule… what’s that? It sounds familiar…”). 

IMG_3612This time last year, I was still attempting to basically work 3 jobs (daycare, a home business, and working as Communications Director for Wendy). And I was extremely scheduledI’m not sure I’ve ever been that scheduled in my life. And maybe I should clarify- I’ve had a schedule of some sort, but this time it relied at least 80% on me to craft the schedule (other than the hours at daycare). So, to keep myself sane, I clung to the structure I set up, which was an hour-by-hour agenda 5 days a week.

People. I am not an hour-by-hour agenda kind of girl. But I had to be in that season, because I just couldn’t keep all the balls in the air.

Even more than the schedule, though, I clung to Jesus. I was desperate for the joy even in the midst of that stressful season. I knew it was there, because God promises joy and peace in every circumstance, even and especially when things aren’t peaceful naturally. (Are they ever?) 

This was one big reason for the Reclaiming Abundance Project. I knew we needed to shift our mentality as a family towards abundance instead of scarcity. That project helped start the process.

One aspect of that rigid schedule that I still love is the time I’d labeled “Coffee and Catch-up” in my datebook. It was between 30 minutes to an hour long, depending on the day, and it always took place during Lucy’s afternoon nap.


During that precious time, I would stop everything else, remember to breathe, be thankful, and- you guessed it- drink some coffee. (And often have a couple pieces of dark chocolate, or a little cookie or two.) Sometimes I would work on a blog post, because that gives me joy, or I would let myself just straight up play on Pinterest, or I would draw/do something artsy, or have more quiet time.

It helped so much to schedule that time in, because without it, if I took any time for anything fun/life-giving, I felt a disproportionate and soul-killing guilt over not maximizing my time perfectly.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now I’m down to two jobs, technically. (Though I think of both this blog and my Etsy shop as a job, because they are life-giving to me and crucial, and something I feel called to build. So kind of still 3.) These days, I’m experiencing a fairly different agenda, one that mercifully does not involve being rigidly scheduled from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM (I’m not kidding; that’s what it was before). And I still experience the challenge of how to manage my time well, but I also still utilize the “Coffee and Catch Up” time. (Moreso when I work from home, versus daycare days.)

It’s just one way I wire my days with built in enjoyment. (And I desperately need that.) 

Yesterday, I opened this dark chocolate bar which was left along with a beautiful, welcoming note in our room when we stayed at Kara’s house last weekend.

dark chocolate

I didn’t initially read the whole name of it, because quite frankly I was looking at the awesome design on the packaging. So, when I took the first bite I was delighted to discover caramel inside! It’s not the first time I’ve had a piece of chocolate with caramel inside, but it just took me by pleasant surprise!

EDIT desk front

And that’s really what this intentional time of enjoyment in the day does for me. It’s like finding caramel where you didn’t expect any. So much of daily life is already a gift in and of itself- rather like dark chocolate! But anything that helps foster better sight- a better seeing of the beauty and gifts before you- that is where enjoyment blooms a little brighter.

For me, it gives way to worship, because it’s like God knew just how to speak to my heart. The chocolate itself isn’t the point. The blessing is. It’s part of the delightful relationship available to us through Christ. Somehow, all these little graces act as little markers on the road, reminding us whom we are truly enjoying.

EDIT desk above

8 thoughts on “Day 28: Enjoying Coffee. {And Catching Up.}

  1. I like how you compared the surprise of the caramel inside the chocolate as the way God is, ready to surprise us with something good.

    1. Thanks so much, Susan!! I keep reminding myself that that’s how He is- good! (It’s such a continuous thing, receiving his goodness and trusting that it’s better than my “best”) Thanks for reading and commenting! I loved your lego olympics post by the way. 😀 My husband (yes- husband) LOVES legos… He kind of collects them.

  2. What a lovely idea, like a mini-Sabbath for the day. I love the name you’ve given it, too — “coffee and catch-up” sounds much more appealing than “take a break” or “half hour rest” to me. I might have to adopt it for my calendar!

  3. This is so great! My life feels pretty crazy right now — grad school — so I could really use some set aside unstructured time to just breath and relax. Thanks for this!

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