Hi, friend! Welcome to Long Live Beauty. I’m Haylie. Lover of the artsy fartsy and fancy schmancy. Singer, songwriter, artist, blogger, lover of Jesus. And coffee. And really, all things beautiful.

But really, this blog is about the Why behind all things beautiful, as well as beautiful things. It’s the longing for beauty that drives me. Why do we long for beauty??? I think this is one of the best, the most right questions we can ask in our lives. Because that question of why we long for beauty reveals what we’re really longing for.

It’s a BIG answer, one that is complex and paradoxical. It is at once beyond our understanding, and yet so innately a part of us that we find ourselves fumbling and awkward in our attempt to explain it. I mean, it’d be like explaining breathing air to a fish. “What is air?” the fish might ask. And how on earth could we answer?

I believe that this answer is not a concept or an idealogy, but a person. Specifically, it is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Our longing is for him, for God both mighty in power and loving Father- the originator of beauty- and to dwell in the Presence of the original Beautiful One. See? I fumble even now with my paltry words to explain it. And the purpose of this blog isn’t for me to give excellent explanations. (After all, I’d be trying to explain things I barely understand myself.) But it IS about celebrating those who explain that beautiful ache- where broken humanity reaches for divine wholeness- with each articulate brush of paint, each stroke of ink, each lyric and melody that strikes a chord on the human heartstrings.

The story we tell with our beauty- our stories- is like another delicious chapter in The Story- His Story. And I need that in my life. I need it to build a bridge over all the rubble of this war-torn world, to step up and see the Great Light once again, so I don’t wander in the darkness. Don’t you?

So, what will you find here? Hopefully, beauty. Some heavy, and a lot mercifully light-hearted. (Isn’t the world heavy enough on its own?) You’ll find featured artists, beauty-bringers, song-singers, story-tellers, butchers, bakers, and maybe even some candle-stick makers; people who excellently and humbly offer their gifts and tell their stories. We’re not here to be perfect, but in our imperfect hearts and creations we point to the perfect grace of God, the beauty of Him, of what He has done.

You’ll also find a lot of my story, the day-to-day of living beautifully (or my frequent failure to do so), as well as some of my own endeavors of the artistic and musical variety. (As long as you don’t mind imperfection, I think you’ll enjoy them!)

Won’t you come in, kindred spirit? Won’t you huddle around your coffee mug and fireplace with me? Let’s sing songs and tell stories and look at lovely things on Pinterest. Let’s eat good meals and lots of chocolate.
I’ll be here, searching and seeking out beauty, in the mighty and the mundane (and probably a lot of run-on sentences). Come have some coffee, or tea, or whatever it is you please, and we’ll fill up our longings for this beauty, and we’ll live whole lives of it, too.

Raise your glass, friend- Long live beauty.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

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