Day 21: Hand-drawn Christmas Cards!

31 days of Enjoy squareBack in August, I hinted at some exciting things happening this autumn…

And now, you’ve seen some of those things! I shared three new digital autumn prints and one hand-lettered-James-Whitcomb-Riley-quote-pumpkin print with you already, (oh, and that one that was a free printable… it’s really for any time of year) and now I want to proudly announce that I’m adding a new line of hand-drawn Christmas cards to my etsy shop, Ebenezer Designs! I’m calling it the “Send a Story” line, because I think that’s what you do when you send something beautiful in the mail.

Day 21 EDITI am SO. RIDICULOUSLY. EXCITED. about these cards, and it’s been positively everything I could do not to share them sooner… So, without further ado, here they are!!!

EDIT Cards and Garland

Each package of cards contains 4 designs!

Love Hans

Can’t you relate to Hans? I can.

Comfort and Joy

Aren’t those the sorts of tidings you want to send to someone at Christmas?

A Beautiful Sight

If I could sew/crotchet/knit/etc. I would make these mittens for myself. (However, I can’t. So I just drew them instead.)

Rejoice Wreath

These little birds make me so happy! (They make me feel like… rejoicing. Haaaa…)

EDIT Cards Standing

As I mentioned, I cannot contain my excitement over these!! They are $10 per package, and you get one of each design as well as envelopes! They’d make a great gift, or a lovely embellishment to make a gift a little extra-special.

I’ve often been hesitant and wary of asking others to share my work with their own circles of friends and family, because I wondered if it was selfish or wouldn’t communicate what I intended. But I’ve been encouraged lately to share unabashedly, and not to be afraid to ask other people to share my work.

EDIT Four 4 packs

So… would you? Could you? I’d love it if you’d share either the link to this post or the link to the shop- or both! And if you want some lovely Christmas cards that tell a little story, you can find them on my shop here(Btw, I’ve already had one order, and have limited supply, so if you want ’em, get your order in asap!)

31 Days of Enjoy

Welcome to 31 Days of Enjoy!!!
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31 days of Enjoy square

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31 Days of Enjoy has begun!!! Are you ready? Ok.
For my very first 31 Days of Writing ever, I chose a very simple word to focus on. And that word is “Enjoy.”
. (that’s right, I’m going all wedding-toast on y’all) defines “enjoy” as:

1. to experience with joy; take pleasure in

2. to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of

3. to find or experience pleasure for (oneself):

4. to undergo (an improvement)
It’s such a simple word. And yet, I often tend to attach a lot of guilt and disclaimers and caveats that frequently prevent me from truly just- enjoying. Can you relate??? I’m a striver. So much striving. Striving to be perfect, to be right, fretting over my thoughts, or fretting about fretting over my thoughts. You know- the common kind of crazy.
And I imagine Jesus next to me saying, “Martha, Martha. You are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed- or indeed only one.” After which he reminds me of all the verses about anxiety and cares and worry etc.
I didn’t grow up learning the Westminster Catechism, but I’ve always loved this particular declaration from it which says, “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”
Doesn’t that sum up a good bit of what we’re called to do in our lives as believers? And for this 31 Days focus, it fits in perfectly. Have you ever thought about your chief end being to glorify God and to enjoy him? Most of the time, I think of serving God, or pleasing God, or listening to God- all of which are good things. But altogether, they seem to me to stem from a heart of worship.
I think worship itself is a manifestation of doing just that- glorifying God and enjoying him. And we’re supposed to be worshippers always. As is says in Romans 12:1,
Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.
We’re also supposed to rejoice- always.
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”
– Philippians 4:4
I believe God is a God who delights in and enjoys, and I think we are made to delight in and enjoy as well. However, much of the time I agonize over my desires not being worthy enough or godly enough or something. It’s like I punish and subsequently deny myself joy just because I can’t let go of my own need to be perfect and/or life to be perfect (an exercise in futility if ever there was one).
I don’t know about you, but for me, this annoying way of thinking taints my enjoyment in general because I’m so preoccupied with trying to not enjoy something, or trying to enjoy the right way, or whatever ridiculous over-analytical way my brain frames it. Plus, that kind of thinking is still All. About. Me.
What if, instead, I just enjoyed the Lord, enjoyed the grace I receive through being covered by Christ’s perfection? By enjoy, I here mean- “experience with joy, take pleasure in.” How could that change my life- even in enjoying small things?
So, these next 31 days will be full of focusing on this renewed way of looking at enjoyment and delight. Specifically, I’ll be focusing on enjoying these three areas:
1. Life- Yes. I want to enjoy life. (Have I rocked your world with my unique and epiphanical thinking? Epiphanical, I’ve decided, is a word. As of now.) But seriously, this is a time to take a breather and enjoy some things. And plus, this is Lucy’s first fall when she will actually be cognizant of her surroundings- play in leaves, hear them crunch under her boots (side note- little girl boots?! Eeee!), explore pumpkin patches or apple orchards… or both, drink cider. You know- enjoy all the things! And I want to be right there with her, enjoying. Which is why there will be a sincerely unapologetic stream of autumnally-themed posts, most likely involving at least one about a fall wreath and certainly a lot after that regarding decor in general.
2. this blog- I want to “have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of” it. Work my blogging muscle. Blogging is another way for me personally to process my own story, but also to be intentional- when you’re sharing your story and your heart, you want to present your best self… Or maybe it’s not so much your best self, so much as the self which is best at sharing those things. This blog forces me to articulate, to think, and to be accountable. This is why blogging is not just for the readers, it’s for the writer. (At least, in my case it is.) 
Don’t worry, not all my posts will be long. Some will probably just be a picture and a thought, or a question or something- huzza for simplicity! (And brevity… I could call this 31 Days of Brevity, because obviously that’s something about which I know nothing. However, that would be significantly less fun. So, I’m not doing it.)
3. Ebenezer Designs- Here I am talking about definition #4, “to undergo (an improvement)” I don’t know why, but that definition of “enjoy” brings me particular excitement. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of it in the context of my etsy shop. Regulars around here will remember that I just launched this shop back in March– and that was a brave step for me!  SO prepare yourself. I’ll be launching a new line of various seasonal lovelies over at the shop and I’ll be sharing them over the course of our 31 Days of Enjoy!!!
I hope you’ll join in the enjoying. And I ask that if you’re willing to share these posts with others, that you would do so! I want you, dear friends, to come along on this journey as well as take part in fostering a community of storytellers, apple cider-drinkers, beauty-seekers and makers… which is to say, a community of those who glorify God and enjoy him forever.